Friday, November 7, 2014

Proud Daddy - Scene Night

I am one of the luckiest people on the face of the earth.  I have two sweet angels for little boys.  They make me smile every day and I am proud of them.  I love them more than skittles and unicorns.  Even when they behave like total shits, which can be quite often as they get older and wise-assy (ages 9 and almost 12), they warm my heart and remind me why life is grand.

They do little things that they probably don’t realize how much I cherish.  Like when I drop Will off at school in the morning he will lean the top of his head over for me to kiss. He won’t leave until I get him and sometimes I stall just to enjoy the moment.  Drew’s latest school drop off ploy is to be the last to say goodbye, no matter what.

“Have a great day Drew, I love you.”

“Love you, bye.”



“See you later.”



“Bye!!!!” And he starts walking away quickly.

I yell, “Bye Drew!”


Every parent has countless moments like these and every parent is proud of their children.

My bigger kid is in 6th grade.  He worked his ass off last summer to prepare for auditions to get in the Denver School of Arts theatre department.  He was successful and that was a fantastic accomplishment. 

Last night was a proud parent moment on steroids. Will had his first performance on stage in front of a few hundred parents and classmates.   It was called Scene Night and every kid does a five minute scene from a play with one or two other kids.  The night opened with a short group number by the 6th graders and Will was in that too.  He did great.

Will was scheduled for after intermission so his scene was nearly three hours after the start of the night.  I took Drew out to dinner (sushi – another proud Daddy moment!!) and when we got back, there were five scenes to go before Will’s performance.  As I watched these super talented kids ranging from 6th grade to seniors in high school, I began to get really nervous.  None of the kids were bad and plenty of them were incredibly awesome.  I laughed my ass off at two 6th grade boys doing a funny scene from Blood Brothers.  They were four scenes before Will and it made me wonder how Will could be in this tribe of creative thespians!! 

I mean, I helped him with his lines one night, but we spent like fifteen minutes on it.  Will he remember his lines?  Will he be acting or reciting? Will his partner be good? What is that shiny thing over in the corner? What meetings do I have in the morning? What is that smell?  Okay, I got distracted during a scene from a Neil Simon play.  One more to go before Will.

Oh man, the scene before Will was by two seniors, one of which was a lead in Hairspray.  They were singing and making wonderful facial expressions and interacting and bonding and delivering lines with perfect timing and emotion.  Who are these people? And my kid is in this school? The last bit of drama I saw Will do was freaking out at Drew for touching him with his foot on the couch while we were watching Uncle Grandpa.

I found my heart beating faster than when I used to pitch in baseball or take the court in basketball.  It was going faster than when presenting in a new business meeting.  I was fucking nervous!!!!!!!!

Will and Sophia took the stage.  He nailed his lines, as did Sophia.  He was animated.  He was into the role.  He was a little man up there on the stage.  He was doing his passion.  He was living his dream. 

I fought back tears with overwhelming pride.  I took a deep breath and looked at Drew shoving sour skittles in his little pie hole.  I looked at Will’s mom and could see her fighting back tears as well.

I watched Will triumphantly walk off the stage with Sophia and thought, who the hell was that kid

He’s mine.  My little man.  My joy.  My angel.  My heart.