Monday, February 15, 2016


A lot of stuff flies around the internet. Once in awhile something outstanding pops on my screen. Like the Crazy Hot Girl Matrix (search it on YouTube –I’m too lazy to link it) or anything with bacon in it or goats in trees or any Rumi quote. All great and they make me smile. 

This made the rounds recently and I love it. Unfuckwithable.

I’m trying to be unfuckwithable. I guess I’m not completely there yet. Drama and negativity don’t touch me nor do I worry about what others say or do; so I’m good there. I think I have some work to do on being truly at peace and in touch with myself (I don’t think its referring to masturbation or I’d be golden!).  I have friends that I admire for their unfuckwithableness. They are some of the most creative, happy and beautiful (inside and out) people I know.  

I’ve felt unfuckwithable at times of deeper connection with the universe. Like when a tiny airplane dropped me and a friend off on a gravel bar along an Alaskan river in the Arctic Circle and then took off without us. I’ve felt unfuckwithable at Burning Man, surrounded by other unfuckwithable people. But it’s not always at a big event where I feel more connected to the universe and in turn feeling at peace and in touch with myself.

It happens when I’m playing basketball and actually not thinking of anything else. Just playing the game. It happens when I’m laying on the trampoline with my boys at night; our respective heads on the cushioned edge watching stars and talking about nonsense. It has happened while watching live music. The music fills my heart and I get lost in my mind.

I think best of all, sometimes I feel unfuckwithable throughout the routine of the day. Like I said, I feel like I’m close to always there. But not close enough.

I’m excited to be going to Nepal next month. The heart of the trip is five days of trekking seven or eight hours a day throughout a region south of Everest consisting of paths less traveled by visitors. It will be just me and a guide. I don’t want to be a tourist, but rather a traveler (thanks Fedler for putting it that way – its perfect).

Now that my itinerary is set, I’m not researching much about where I’m going. I want to experience it first hand with as little preconceived notions as possible. I will take pictures while being careful not to spend too much time looking through a camera. I will bring empty journals to be filled along the way, being careful not to have my head down too much putting pen to paper.

I will bring an open mind, a sense of adventure, a big heart and a wandering soul. And toilet paper. I don’t want to get caught without TP. Why am I going to Nepal you ask? Because I am unfuckwithable and it feels really fucking right.


  1. OMG...that is so exciting! I do hope that you'll fill us in when you get back. I'd love to hear about what you learned, experienced, ate, etc. Safe travels my friend! Enjoy. Sooo jealous!!

  2. We are, as human beings, a culmination of all of our experiences. You my friend, are taking life by the balls and exploring the planet in unfuckwithable fashion! I'll be with you the whole way (except when you have to use the TP). Love ya buddy, Cheech

  3. I shall make a point of using this GREAT WORD during the day tomorrow - and then as often as possible! x

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